Our Story

At Rowland Strategies, we are dedicated to working with progressive political candidates, advocacy groups, labor unions and social movements to expand their reach, maximize their effectiveness, and engage their audiences. Our team is made up of passionate individuals who believe the best organizing tool is a compelling message backed up by a strong ground game and an engaging digital presence. Our goal is to strengthen the organizations we work with and maximize their engagement and communications assets to bring in a win.

Our Team

Jonathon Rowland President & CEO

Jonathon brings over seven years of experience in paid canvass operations, strategic ballot initiatives, corporate grassroots advocacy, and PAC management. Jonathon began his political career in the battleground state of Iowa, where he served on Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and later his Inaugural Committee. After Obama’s successful re-election campaign, Jonathon implemented high-profile campaigns for clients such as Everytown for Gun Safety, Generation Forward PAC, Oregon Right to Know and Next Generation Climate Change. Jonathon has been credited with running Oregon’s largest ballot initiative in state history as well as being instrumental in several election wins in Iowa, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Ben Taylor Senior Creative Director

Ben has been creating and managing graphic design and web development projects for over 10 years. A graduate of Columbus College Art & Design, Ben served as Senior Designer for several Ohio based companies before launching his own development company in 2014. He has built brand identities for several campaigns, advocacy movements and non-profit groups. Ben works with the RS team to shape the look and feel of the strategy – helping to push visually impactful messaging to our target audiences.

Kate Leisner Senior Content Director

Kate has been developing and managing strategic communications campaigns for over 7 years. A graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science, Kate has led several high-profile strategic communications campaigns for non-profit and industry clients . Kate works with the RS team to develop a winning message to capture your audience’s attention and turn that attention to action.